Sunday, August 21, 2011

Woke this morning to something tapping on my window.
That was an hour ago. Curtains were drawn, so I never got a chance to see it. Second story window. No easy handholds. Believe me, I tried.


Cough- consistent
Breathing difficulty- aside from cough, resolved. Cause unknown. Possibly air in subway tunnels.
Shakes- no longer present. Suspect the lack of sleep had something to do with that.
Elevated body temperature- Seems to be a marked decrease in my to cool myself down naturally. May just be the humidity.
Light-headedness- Gone. Probably poor eating habits/lack of sleep.
Bruises- Healing nicely.
Forearm cut- likewise healing fairly well. Keeping it bandaged and clean.
Blotches- no longer in evidence. Cause unknown.

Paranoia- marked increase. Still justified.
Sleep-deprivation- no longer in evidence
Headaches- resolved. Sleep-deprivation and lack of proper food likely causes.
Feeling of being watched- persistent
problems with focus- resolved, sleep deprivation is most likely cause
linguistic impairment- not in evidence, blame sleep deprivation.

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