Friday, August 26, 2011

Volcabulary Lesson

Put on your thinking caps kiddos.
Runner: Noun; 1. A person presently on the run due to being stalked 2. A stalked individual

This is a problem. Since the second definition is used interchangeably with the first, I prefer the addition of the following word.

Stalked: Noun; A person being hunted/stalked by TPF.

Stalked may assume one of several stances upon realization (or even without realization) of their situation. Stalked can be grouped under several different headings, based on the stance they assume as a reaction to being stalked. It is possible, and expected that one can find a mixture of several stances within individual stalked.

Runner: A stalked that assumes a stance of movement. This is the "flight" portion of the fear dichotomy of flight/fight. This is not to say that a Runner will not or is unable to fight, merely that their initial and continued reaction to a stalking is to avoid it by changing location.

Fighter: A stalked that assumes a stance of combat, whether dedicated offensively or defensively. This is representative of the "fight" portion of the fear dichotomy. This is not to say that a runner is unwilling or incapable of retreat, merely that they are more likely to respond to a stalking with force of some sort.

Observer: A stalked that assumes a stance of study, whether of TPF itself, other stalkings, their own stalking or any number of related subjects. There is a tendency to experiment, or theorize inherent in the observer stance, as it seems to promote the acquisition of new knowledge, rather than mere indexing or collection.

Librarian: A stalked that assumes a stance of collection. This stance is often paired with that of the Observer, for obvious reason. The tendency is to discover, or rediscover and study existing knowledge, rather than to work to create new data.

Rabbit: A stalked that assumes a stance of retreat, as response to a stalking. Whether by external or internal pressure, a stalked may become incapable or unwilling to fulfill the fear dichotomy, and will neither flee in a conventional sense or fight. This stalked is more likely to adopt a form of high ground or asylum to fortify, and defend themselves from within it, rather than try to fight. Not to be confused with those participating in the 7 Trials.

Quarantine: A stalked that assumes a stance of withdrawal as a means of avoiding "infecting" friends or family with TPF. This stance often leads to the opposite as a Quarantined stalked may be assumed to be missing. Searches of their effects will almost inevitably lead to the discovery of notebooks or other vectors.

Turned: A stalked whose will and identity have been damaged in some way by contact with TPF and now seem to perform its bidding. "Dumb" proxies.

Agents: Broad terminology applying to Stalked who have chosen or been coerced to join TPF. These retain a much larger degree of autonomy and free-will compared to Turned, but do the bidding of TPF in one way or another. "Smart" proxies.

Sickness/Scourge: Broad term used to describe a varied set of symptoms exhibited by Stalked, most often in connection with exposure to The Path or to TPF.

Vector: Broad term used to describe a means of "infection" with TPF. Notable vectors include the notes/notebooks/blogs of the Stalked, Marble Hornets, EverymanHybrid, TribeTwelve and related media generated as a result, including various forms of parody (Concrete Giraffes). Prolonged contact with a Stalked is also a likely vector, as is verbal explanation.

Black-Out: A period in which TPF or some other force seemingly directs the actions of a Stalked without their memory or consent.

The Path/The Path of Black Leaves: A seemingly extra-dimensional space, presumably controlled by TPF. The Path seemingly allows transportation throughout the world, and possibly through time. While the Path may be used by Stalked, it seems inimical to humans, possibly as a result of its connection to TPF.

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