Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Spent the weekend in near constant motion. Now I've stopped.

Avoiding sleep for four days was a mistake. It's fucked up my head something solid. Might as well have brained myself with a railroad spike. The sleep earlier was good. Dreamless. I can't spend too much time asleep though.

Today's mail included an envelope, hand-delivered, for me. Contents? An SD card, and a photograph of me that night in the park. I'm not going to pull a Noah here. I'm going to find another computer to open it up on. But I didn't see anyone else near that playground.


  1. But wonder on, till truth make all things plain.
    If circumstances lead me, I will find
    Where truth is hid, though it were hid indeed
    Within the centre.

  2. Shakespeare now? *REALLY* Raven? some consistency please! Or stop commenting you cryptic BASTARD.
    I've cut one of your buddies, I'll cut you too.

  3. Calm, Nemo, callllm. caffeine can help, but sleep is good if you can manage it.
    We only have room for one angry insane know it all, right?