Sunday, August 28, 2011

Exit The Captain; Enter A Raven

A moment, ladies and gentlemen, of your time.
Assuming no one minds.

I didn't think so.

Our dear Captain, who has so recently departed from the play, will return shortly. Assuming all goes well. Of that I will assure you. But the rest of this particular scene is mine. He may be a little worse for wear, but I believe that will not last. Most Stalked have remarkably resilient minds. I suppose it's a necessity.
Act 1; Scene 2

Enter A Runner; followed by A Proxy and a Second Proxy
The Runner stumbles and falls.

The Proxy draws a knife.
The Proxy Stabs the Runner
Exeunt all but the Runner
Enter Slender Man
Fade to black

End Scene 2

Incidentally, Mr. Fitzgerald, I would advise you to check your mail. I prefer polite correspondence to this particular variety of theatrics.
There is, after all, no shame in asking for help if you can't work out the problem yourself.


  1. No, asking for help is a sign of weakness. Better to make no progress until they get annoyed.

  2. Given your fondness of mazes Ben, I am not surprised that this is your opinion.
    Any animal meant to live in social group tends to understand, at some level, the value of co-operation.

  3. Dear Rabbit,

    I'm afraid you misunderstand. I don't quote myself.

  4. oh fuck you
    fuck you to fucking hell you motherfucker
    has it ever occurred to you that I'm TOO BUSY FOR YOUR /FUCKING/ GAMES?

    Fuck. Fine. I'll play a fucking long.

    But Corwin?

    If I find out that you could've helped Nemo, but chose not to?

    ... Figure it out, Vögelchen.

  5. So far even the things you say that are yours sound like you ripped um out of a book. I think you'd love to quote yourself with all those cute little one liners.