Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Six days. Okay, so it's a lot to catch up on.
Raven's obviously trying to get himself killed. Theorizing like that? Testing theories?
That's not a safe place to stand.


seriously not a safe place to stand.

He posted that Truth bit. So, I have a problem. Anything more than a few minutes worth of sleep? Bang, dreaming of the fucking Forest. WHY IS THERE A FOREST IN MY HEAD?

I woke up... this afternoon I suppose. The last thing I remember was trying to stay awake, apparently this was almost a week ago though. My boots have dried mud on them. I was absolutely starving when I woke up. Weather sites say the last rain we had was earlier in the week. Real downpour by the looks of it.

So while I was gone, Raven's been posting inanities here. And maybe I have, I don't think he could do that good a job of faking that pretentious BS of his. It's positively oozing through the last couple posts here.

My arms and knees are pretty banged up. Some nice bruises. Really sore. I have not been lightly used. Which worries me. Checked my things. The gun is where I left it. It's a little dusty. Which is a good thing. None of the pointy things in the house have been moved.
Also good.

I have no idea what happened during those six days. See if I can keep up this particular stretch of wakefulness a bit longer. I don't want to sleep. I am terrified of going to sleep. There is something in that forest. And I really don't want to find out what.

Obvious problem. If I sleep, the forest is waiting for me. I don't want to find out what happens if I try to stay awake that long again.
No cryptic writing on my forearm this time. That's a plus I suppose.


  1. ... There's something you're not Telling, Nemo.

  2. Spencer, do not start with the cryptic bullshit. DO NOT START.

  3. Maybe you could knock yourself out with some sleeping pills or something so you don't dream. Or you can have bouts of light sleep before you activate your REM sleep. So maybe set an alarm for every ten minutes and sleep in between. That way you rest and don't sleep.

    Also about that tree in your brain. Be careful. That sounds like Bleeding Tree stuff.

  4. Say your prayers little one
    Don't forget my son
    To include everyone

    I tuck you in, warm within
    Keep you free from sin
    'Til the sandman he comes

    Sleep with one eye open

    Sweet dreams, Captain.

  5. Ridley:
    "Cut out the poetry"
    "I have heard your reasons and regard them as unconvincing and inadequate"

  6. Wait a minute, uh say what?

    What, you got a problem with Metallica? Or you got a problem with me? I am offend sir, you have attacked my honour, something I do not take kindly of! At dawn, we shall duel!

    Stay frosty.