Friday, August 19, 2011


I'm a few hours off of what one might consider a normal sleep schedule at the moment. (In all honesty, normal used to be sleeping from midnight to seven.). Trying to normalize that a little at least. Still no dreams, slight graces I suppose.

A review of what I've been watching closely.
Up until today (see the earlier post) VentingHate and Forever My Sarah had been the objects of my attention.

The Tutorial, or the Gospel according to M has been in my sights for a while.

Once again, thank you to Mr. Fitzgerald. His particular brand of madness, and that of his fellow couriers can be found at Return to Slender
Spencer, I know you read this. I have no idea what the hell you're doing, but honestly, cut it the hell out. You're scaring people.

Let me tell you about the poor bastards at 23 Seconds. They may just be some of the unluckiest people I've ever heard of. I'm not of a particularly pious bent, but I do say what passes I suppose for a prayer for these guys every once in a while. It doesn't seem to help.

Likewise, Make it Count, Celeste's rather less depressing situation than most, has been a source of considerable comfort.

Zeke Strahm, though he doesn't seem to be getting better, occupies another chunk of my reading with The Mystic.

This list would not be complete without making note of one final bastard. I'm speaking of course, of Raven. Raven has borrowed my handle, and set up this travesty on tubmlr. He appears to be occupied with Spencer and the rest at the moment, though occasionally deems fit to link over to something here, or drop a comment.
Raven, you cryptic son of a bitch. Cut it out.

New on my radar are these two:
I Like Trees, currently run by a clever bastard who may or may not be in a rather unpleasant forest in japan.
My Half of Life, about a for lack of a better word, unusual proxy who goes by Atalanta.

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