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Archetypes; Cont.

The previous post described different types of Stalked as "stances" rather than "archetypes" as a result of a temporary failure of my own vocabulary. I've left the previous post as it is, but have changed the terminology here to make the information more clear.

A Runner is not to be confused with a Stalked, no matter the propensity for Agents and Turned to use the terminology as though it were interchangeable. The former is an archetype representing a certain form/type/mindset of Stalked, while the later is a blanket term for any individual who finds themselves exposed to TPF on a regular basis.

A Runner represents the urge to flee, rather than fight. The prototypical runner tends to emphasize continued movement and overall mobility as a means of safety. Left with no other choices, a Runner will likely turn to violence, but they may also do this if they feel they are being left with Hobson's Choice.

Runners tend to exhibit a sort of combined fatalism and pragmatism, which can be difficult to explain or quantify. On the one hand, many runners seem certain that they will be unable to keep running forever, but believe that to stand against TPF is a more immediate end. On the other hand, Runners seem to be practical in ways that other Stalked may not be. It could be that constant travel forces them into this mould out of necessity, or it could be that the type of mind that best exemplifies the archetype is simply well suited to a pragmatic way of life. This most often exhibits itself in the obvious ways, a tendency to travel light and with few (if any) companions and a tendency to value continued safety above other goals.

The most obvious example of a runner is M. Learn.

Not to be confused with the entity of the same name found in Tribe Twelve. An Observer is an archetype that seems to best exemplify the active, inquisitive mind. Observers seem to accept the situation as real more readily, but paradoxically also treat it with skepticism.

In it's purest form, an Observer is an individual given to theorize and test those theories whenever possible. To what end they theorize or by what means they conduct their tests varies from individual to individual. Older information may be drawn on by an Observer, but they do not seem to actively seek it out unless it directly confirms a theory.

Observers may demonstrate a detached quality, at its worst this may be identifiable as some manner of sociopathic behaviour. As well, Observers seem to fall prey to one of Nietzsche's famous quotations "If you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes into you." Those who study TPF seem to be those who are the most changed by it. Observers may also share a lack of regard with

Jay is/was an Observer. Avalesca is a less morally gray but more self-destructive example.

Librarians are an odd archetype. While initially they may refuse to acknowledge their situation, TPF, or even the very existence of certain phenomenon, Librarians inevitably will accept the veracity of their situation.

A Librarian may also be considered a form of archivist or recorder. Some Librarians seem to form a type of "living memory" for the Stalked community at large. Librarians seem to prefer to collate and collect pre-existing knowledge, and are not given to experiment in the way that Observers may.

The Messenger seems to be a typical (if unusually morbid) Librarian

Once again, not to be confused with former or current participants in the 7 Trials (hereafter the specific capitalization of RABBIT will be used). Admittedly, the Trials have been somewhat amusing in a morbid sort of way.

Not everyone can run. Not everyone is willing or able to fight. So where does that leave you?
Science says the brain decides between one of two states when it's afraid. Fight, murder the sonnovabitch before it gets you, or flight, getting the fuck out of dodge. So where do you go when you run? Back to the warren.

A Rabbit will designate a location that it feels safest in, and proceed to stay there. While some may continue forays out into the world beyond their warren, others may simply barricade themselves within as a method of protection from mundane threats associated with TPF, namely Turned and Agents.

Those Rabbits that exit out into the world tend to exhibit typical prey behaviour, perhaps moreso than other Stalked. Nervousness, a predilection to nyctophobia, marked increase in caution and suspicion are all typical. In extreme situations these may manifest as paranoia, obsession with remaining in areas which are lit, panic attacks, anxiety and even outright agoraphobia.

None of this should be taken to mean that a Rabbit is one that will not fight, just that they do not tend openly or actively aggressive unless, like any animal, its is directly threatened and unable to escape. It should be assumed that the first reaction a Rabbit will exhibit to threat, provided it is an option is flight. This does not mean that the Rabbit will proceed directly to its "Warren" merely that it will attempt to reach it in a safe manner, which may include violence against pursuers, or attempting to "shake off" those pursuing it.

M is not a Rabbit, while The Mad Ventriloquist is .

Quarantined Stalked are curious. They are the most common form of vector by virtue of their eventual disappearance. A Quarantined Stalked is usually one with at least an inkling of what will occur if they expose others to it. Other times, they believe themselves insane and attempt to hide their "condition".

One thing Quarantined share in common is the expression of their infection in code. Whether or not this is an attempt to remain sane amidst the madness or a symptom of the madness itself, the Quarantined seem compelled to produce notebooks, artwork (loosely used as it encompasses everything from crude children's drawings to paintings) and other vectors, often containing encoded messages and other cryptic bullshit. Quarantined also seem to be the least likely to notice black-outs until well after they've begun.

The eventual fate of a Quarantined varies, they often seem to become Turned and disappear, leading to the eventual affliction of others with TPF. The interesting thing about the way Quarantined act as a vector is the the transmission is often much more "concentrated" so to speak. The obsession that the disappearance or odd behaviours of a Quarantined can generate is much more efficient than casual exposure to media of any sort.

The most obvious example of a Quarantined and its effect as a vector may be found in Just Another Fool

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