Sunday, August 7, 2011

Correcting Mistakes

So, figured, OH HEY. Let's get ourselves involved with a few people, maybe get some good done in the world. Help some people that are dealing with tall, dark and slender. Only, he's like a disease. It's infectious. The more you come into contact with it, the more you open the door to the possibility that he's just going to step right through.

You know? I wanted to help save the girl. That's what got me into this mess. I'm certain of it. I'm paying that price. Here's the thing though. I'm guilty of screwing over other people. It's summer right? I'm with my damned family.
I haven't seen it yet. I'm certain I don't have more than a seasonal bug. It doesn't get worse. It's just there. Not the same sort of hacking that other people exhibit. I haven't blacked out. I have no compulsion to film myself or create a journal. And the first thing I do tomorrow morning? I'm burning that damned note.
I need to hold out for a month, then I can start taking larger steps.

I think I know the game. Time to play.

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