Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stupidity & Doodles

More weird writing. Woke up later, despite going to sleep earlier than typical.
This is becoming depressingly obvious.
I'm missing blocks of time while I sleep. Or should be sleeping.
And apparently being drawn on in whatever fugue state I'm in. Maybe whoever is doing it (me?) has a sense of humour.

The newest arm doodle (thank you by the way, it's at least easy to cover with a shirt).
A tally count of seven, another admonition to "tell the truth" and an operator symbol.
Hey, Raven, work out what you're going to write on my arm before you write it. Dumbass.

Also, the post-its. We have a further admonition to "Tell the Truth" from yesterday and "Stop lying NEMO" More operator symbols instead of Os.

This is really vanilla guys.


  1. Hm.
    Obviously, this "Raven" really wants you to, I don't know; STOP LYING.

    They question is, do you even have any idea what you're lying about?

  2. He never really had- oh, wait, nevermind.