Thursday, October 27, 2011

What you leave behind

Hope is a wonderful thing. It's warm, bright and safe. And it's a shame to have to leave it behind.
I'm going north again. And I'm sorry for slipping out in the middle of the night. But it was easier that way.
Safer. Couldn't have Elaine locking me in again. And I can't trust any of you. I'm sorry to say it. I can't.
You have no idea how long it took to get everything to the van. Of course, the flaw in any security system, no matter how advanced, is always a human one. We're flawed, fragile things.
if last night is any indication events have caught up with me
But I've gotten off topic.

So yeah. That's me gone. I suppose I owe some goodbyes at this point. I've already made my apologies, as far as it's worth. I'm fine. For a given value of fine. Don't worry about me.

Elaine: Thanks for giving me a place to stay for a while. I know you might have had some misgivings. It's been... good to be Michael again. Hope your shoulder gets better. I don't need to tell you take care of Hope. But I'm telling you anyways. It's a precious thing and for better or worse, you're its caretaker. I'm so. sorry. Have fun~

Lis: Thank you. I don't think I can say more than that. You're wonderful. Sorry for leaving so abruptly. You did ask us to say goodbye. And it was easier to knock you out.

Joel: Take care. Sorry about the ribs again. And sorry about Lucas. You're both very fun to push, I must admit, take care Wolfie

Lucas: Apologies for the other night. I was out of line. You've still got Joel though. Make the best of it.

Tia: Sorry about stealing Lis, she's all yours now. Take care of her. Don't worry. Lis is fine. She'll be awake in a few hours.

Blake: Sorry, I won't get to do that rematch. See if Venny will take up my sword?

Shaun: Nice to see someone more awkward than me. Take care of Elaine. Keep the guitar in tune. And, sorry about... well you know. That punch to the stomach hurt. I'll need to get you for that.

Opal: Sorry we couldn't talk longer. Don't go crazy again. Or I'll be back. Those windows? I think you could put a bullet through one.

I don't think I've forgotten anyone... of course I have thats what happens


  1. Point 1. Lissie is not a possession to steal from one person or the other.
    Point 2. Thanks for the white text. Small favors I suppose.
    Point 3. You're a fool.

    There's more points I'd like to make, but I very seriously doubt they'd be appropriate.

  2. ... You fucking bastard. You're lucky I didn't catch you on the way down, asshole.

    You could've left without the drugging and the dramatics.

  3. You put on quite a show and very nearly fooled her.
    Go on and take a bow.
    She can be a sweet one, can't she?
    Thank you ever so much.

  4. ... drop me a line when you've got the time, alright?

  5. Wait. Why is everyone yelling and mad at me? What the hell did I do?

    Did I hurt someone again?
    Is Lis okay?

  6. OPAL.
    Why won't anyone tell me?
    I saw the post on Lis and Tia's blog...

  7. What the hell do I have to do to prove it's me?

  8. Hun, no one's gonna trust you anymore. Simple reason. The Slendercrazy you pretended to be you for days, waiting and playing and twisting people. It's hurtful to say, but if you are "you", which I doubt, then you deserve to know why people are attacking you. Through words.

  9. I know. I know...
    But for fuck's sake. No one can give me a straight answer.

  10. I tend to think that was pretty damn straight forward if I do say so myself.

  11. Maybe I'm just... not being clear?
    It's okay Tia. I know. I'm so sorry.
    I should've...

  12. Do you know why you're a fool yet? Do you? If not, you're not sorry enough. Sorrys are often too little too late. You're lucky it's Lis... she's too forgiving for her own good.

    so why don't you take a minute and explain to me.