Friday, October 7, 2011

New torments I behold, and new tormented
Around me, whichsoever way I move,
And whichsoever way I turn and gaze.

In the third circle am I of the rain

Eternal, maledict, and cold, and heavy

Its law and quality are never new

Huge hail, and water sombre-hued, and snow,
Athwart the tenebrous air pour down amain;
Noisome the earth is, that receiveth this.

Cerberus, monster cruel and uncouth,
With his three gullets like a dog is barking
Over the people that are there submerged.


  1. If it's you posting this I'm asking you, stop.

  2. Because you shouldn't be. It's making people worry. And if people are worried there's usually a good reason for it.

  3. Worried that a place is reserved for you?

    Only two kinds of paranoia after all.

  4. I'm worried about him. Whatever you doing, stop it.