Friday, October 7, 2011


Time is a horrible, horrible joke. You know that? We have a set of senses that's poorly equipped to measure time, it's completely morphic as far as how much time we might think has passed, with regards to how much. It's a little like trying to measure a distance with a length of string that may or may not be a given length. And of course there's the problem of sleep. Entire hours of the day in which you can't measure time.

God I hate sleep.


  1. And so we invented clocks. Hooray, (ancient) technology.

  2. I have always had a near perfect sense of time. I can usually tell people the time within 5 to ten minutes of the actual time and I can decide when I want to wake up (unless I am sick). Some people have a really good handle on time and others do not. If you want to say it's a sense, I guess that works, but I've always thought it was more of an instinct.