Monday, October 3, 2011

We to the place have come, where I have told thee
Thou shalt behold the people dolorous
Who have forgone the good of intellect.
The Vestibule of Hell, such a place is reserved not for those who have sinned, neither is it reserved for those who were virtuous. Those here cannot enter further for they are neither good nor evil. They did not sin. They did not do good works. They did nothing. They are nothing.

"Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men"


  1. That is such a ridiculous blog. Theft-proof alchemical briefcases. Seriously?

  2. Saw somebody linked to my blog from here.

    Who are you to judge me? Nothing I can do. Now stop playing Dante. Got no right throwing living people into hell.

    And you, Ben, stop putting words in my mouth. What I wrote was the truth, or what I know of it. My half of truth.