Friday, October 21, 2011

Five of Ten

And I: My Master, see to it, if thou canst,
That thou mayst know who is the luckless wight
Thus come into his adversaries' hands.

Near to the side of him my Leader drew,
Asked of him whence he was; and he replied:
I in the kingdom of Navarre was born;

My mother placed me servant to a lord,
For she had borne me to a ribald knave,
Destroyer of himself and of his things.

Then I domestic was of good King Thibault;
I set me there to practise barratry
For which I pay the reckoning in this heat.

In the fifth, the corrupt politicians are steeped in boiling pitch for their foul and sticky dealings, and are clawed at and whipped by the vicious guardians of that place.

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