Saturday, November 5, 2011

Treachery 4/4

At every mouth he with his teeth was crunching
A sinner, in the manner of a brake,
So that he three of them tormented thus.

To him in front the biting was as naught
Unto the clawing, for sometimes the spine
Utterly stripped of all the skin remained.

That soul up there which has the greatest pain,
The Master said, is Judas Iscariot;
With head inside, he plies his legs without.

Of the two others, who head downward are,
The one who hangs from the black jowl is Brutus;
See how he writhes himself, and speaks no word.

And the other, who so stalwart seems, is Cassius.
But night is reascending, and 'tis time
That we depart, for we have seen the whole.


  1. Activity rises and falls. It has to start somewhere. It's easy to notice a foreign element and jump to a wrong conclusion.

  2. Tell me what thy lordly name is, on the Night's Plutonian shore!