Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ante-Purgatory 2/2

His sluggish attitude and his curt words
A little unto laughter moved my lips;
Then I began: Belacqua, I grieve not

For thee henceforth; but tell me, wherefore seated
In this place art thou ? Waitest thou an escort?
Or has thy usual habit seized upon thee?

And he: O brother, what's the use of climbing?
Since to my torment would not let me go
The Angel of God, who sitteth at the gate.

First heaven must needs so long revolve me round
Outside thereof, as in my life it did,
Since the good sighs I to the end postponed,


  1. Lovely. Do you need help? I can get you some help...

  2. Forgive me for my skepticism, but I don't tend to trust people who can't show their metaphorical faces.
    My contact information is easily available should you choose to.

  3. Because you obviously have a cube for a face.

    Nonetheless, I'll be in touch.

  4. Meh, looks accurate enough to me at the time, more so than suicide. It was indeed easier to let Wolf control me.