Friday, November 4, 2011

Treachery 2/4

His mouth uplifted from his grim repast,

That sinner, wiping it upon the hair

Of the same head that he behind had wasted

Then he began: Thou wilt that I renew

The desperate grief which wrings my heart already

To think of only, ere I speak of it;

But if my words be seed that may bear fruit

Of infamy to the traitor who I gnaw,

Speaking and weeping shalt thou see together.

I know not who thou art, nor by what mode

Thou hast come down here, but a Florentine

Thou seemest to me truly, when I hear thee.

Thou hast to know I was Count Ugolino,

And this one was Ruggieri the Archbishop;

Now I will tell thee why I am such a neighbour.

That, by effect of his malicious thoughts

Trusting in him I was made prisoner

And after put to death, I need not say;

But ne'ertheless what canst not have heard,

That is to say, how cruel was my death,

Hear shalt thou, and shalt know if he has wronged me.

The second round of the last circle of hell is reserved for the traitors against their country, named Antenora, after the Trojan who betrayed his people to the cunning of the Horse.

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  1. Yeah, that pretty much fits. We're almost done with hell, huh? Will you be moving on to purgatory next?