Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Michael's a horrible liar, I should probably tell you.

Where to start:
Oh yes! All those "Don't stop fighting" comments, how well do you know Michael Johannes? Every time you say that, you prove that the answer is, 'not very well'. Michael isn't a fighter. He'll hide before he runs, and he'll run before he'll fight. You know all about that, don't you Lucas? If you back an animal into a corner, you have to be ready for it to try to bite you.

And of course, there's always the chance that you're actually going to be a threat (I'm looking at you Shaun) in which case I'm going to have to remind you, this isn't a time-share arrangement dearies. And getting hit in the gut is quite painful (again, Shaun).

Lis! Thank you again dear, for this lovely opportunity. And for introducing Michael to Spencer, in a round-about sort of way. He's so much fun to talk to. You know he didn't mean to harm you, (though good job of it) no dear, for whatever misguided reason the idiot was trying to save you the trouble.

Opal! You know too well he isn't fine.

Spencer! Ha. That's all.

Elaine! The drinking really suits you, keep it up dear :)

But I digress, Michael wants to end both of us, but doesn't have the spine to do it himself. Trust me, I'm in his head. Very elaborate plans, most of them would probably work (though driving the van into the Atlantic Ocean seems a tad melodramatic). I'm sure some of you wouldn't mind talking him out of it. The comments are yours~
And Tia, feel free to berate him as much as you like :)


  1. ... shut the fuck up. He's stronger than this and you know it.

  2. Now, I never know whether to take anything on this blog seriously. But suicide is dumb. Don't do it. There's numbers you can call, etc. And if any of this is real, you do need psychiatric help.

  3. I have to agree with Ben on this one. Suicide is never the best option. It's just another way of chickening out of something every has to go through (life) and then passing all of the trouble and grief on to those you leave behind. It may seem easier than dealing with all of this but you'll be glad you kept on going some day.