Sunday, July 31, 2011

Of Droughts and Thunderstorms

Never got to doing much of an introduction. Don't intend to.

I live, for the time being, in the sixth largest urban area in north america. It's called Toronto.
The problem? It's been a killing summer. Temperatures easily in the mid thirties, humid, and no rain.
Don't get me wrong now. They've forecasted rain, thunderstorms, but it's rained all of three times here. Three times in the past two months. And in most cases it barely counts. Dribbles.
That's why I'm awake at one in the morning. It's too damned hot. And it feels like it's about to rain.

I love the sound of rain. It patters on the streets, on the sidewalks, on the roof. Thunderstorms are even better. There's nothing quite like stepping outside into a thunderstorm. Even better is that moment, right after a few rain drops have just hit the ground, and then all of a sudden "woosh", everything starts falling down at once, just sort of forces the air out of the way.

I've got pictures, from a few years back and a crappy camera, of the moment a lightning strike up in the clouds went off. The camera was set to take a series of pictures. One shot, it's black out, the next looks like it's mid-afternoon.


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