Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Down by the lake.

A friend persuaded me to take some pictures while visiting my grandparents. I don't particularly see why.

Most of it is farmland. Very flat, short of the Midwest, probably the flattest part of the country I've ever seen.

And trust me. The prairies are very flat. Incredibly flat.

Went up to the lake, there's a small river that runs into it, the lighthouse there is pretty neat.

The downside! I didn't have my camera with me, had to borrow a point-and-shoot. I think they still turned out all right. I think I messed something up with the crops, there's some weird pixilation or something in a few of them. Crappy camera is to blame. I suppose some of the shots are neat though. I've tried to clean them up.

Lot of driftwood out there. Though it could just be that the lack of rain has dropped the water level some. Looks like bones. Kind of neat.

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